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App Development: 5 tips for success

 Map the User Journey

Focus on the interface and the service you provide to the user

When getting your app developed, you must map out the user journey! There is no point planning a trip from Melbourne to Sydney without knowing what route you will take. Similarly, you app design should be informed of the user journey within your app. You must plan “wow” moments, “aha” moments and engage users that are consistent with the picture you want to paint for the user . The app interface should be streamlined. The user should know or get some intuition on exactly what to do next.

Keep design focused to enhance core functionality

If you think about your app, it does a very specific job for its user. This specific job is your app’s core function. The user must be able to do that core function of the app in the fastest way possible. If your app shows directions, the user must be able to get directions as quickly as possible. If your app is a music streaming service, it must get user’s listening in the quickest way possible.

Scrutinise every feature

A lot of apps add unnecessary add-ons and features to their design without first getting a user base. This just makes it confusing and difficult for the user to navigate the app. When developing your app, you must keep in mind to differentiate the dips, toppings and condiments from the main meal. Focus on the core function of your app. As you gain an install base, add features that enhance the purpose of the app.

Think about monetisation

This goes back to the point of planning the user journey. Your user journey must include ways your app will be making money. There’s no free lunch and your app should have a plan to make a return on your investment. There are several ways to monetise your app. Ad banners, in-app purchases, paid applications are the most popular ways to monetise your app.

Market the App

People are not going to find out about your app by themselves. Most successful apps have a strong marketing plan associated with them. If you consider your app to be your business, you must market and promote your business such that people know about it. The App Store and Google Play Store are saturated with millions of apps. You need  to be able to convey the importance of your app to your target user.


Testing is crucial towards the success of your app. And testing involved more than just yourself and a few colleagues. Your app should be tested thoroughly before uploading to the app store. At Prime WebTech, we deploy white box and black box testing to our apps to ensure high quality design.

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