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App Development Company- Confluence of innovation with Geofencing

App Development Company

The world is evolving faster and with it the mobile application market. Almost every year, we are introduced to a new platform that blows our mind and gets the masses attracted to it. Yet, there is always something new that breaks the old paradigm, taking things to the next level. Application Development companies put a lot of effort in their core strategies to develop something which is innovative, creative and user friendly as this is what can keep them alive and thriving in this competitive market.

Geofencing – Apps with Virtual Perimeter Fence

Geofencing is a gift of the ongoing development in the field of application development. A geofence is a virtual perimeter for a geographic area in the real world. Application administrators can draw a boundary on the map to mark the geofence. A geofenced application triggers alerts on the devices of audience once they enter the dynamically generated boundary. This approach works wonders for both consumers and businesses.

Geofencing applications helps in different sectors like retail, telematics, child location services and human resource.  Geofenced applications help making a user aware of the availability of services, products and offers in proximity thus adding to the convenience of the user and the seller. Though this application makes use of the modern location tracing technology to benefit both the demand and supply chain, certain features about this application needs careful consideration.

Battery Drainage

The use of geofencing technology is though a very interactive way to transfer information and availability, but the use of GPS services leads to extensive drainage of battery. This problem has been dealt effectively by the newer models of smartphones with better battery and high power GPS sensors.

Probability of Conversion

Geofencing technique is though an innovative approach but it comes with its own limitations. The application sends in push notifications about proximity of services and products but the probability whether the user will see the notification while he/she is still in proximity is quiet low. This makes conversions difficult. So the number of messages sent and total conversion might be having a big gap.

Baring these few limitations this application has surely shown a new dimension of technological advancement to the world. The use of Geofencing for your mobile application can help you in getting the distinct edge over your competitors and at the same time give you the advantage of being in the consumer’s mind at the right time. The use of Global Positioning System to track the consumers and then sending them the notification can be the unique selling preposition for any mobile application.

Successful use of Geofencing for mobile applications to turn them into killer apps needs careful consideration of the following important aspects:

Geofence defining

Based on latitude, longitude, time value, start time of notification and its duration the Geofence should be carefully defined as this will help in getting better results.

Notification Management

Use of proper code snippets to set up background notifications and notifications about special events and promotions are important to increase the efficiency of the technique.

User Permissions

Location permission is the basic prerequisite for any app which is using geofencing technology. Developers can get access to the audience information when they receive notification about a permission change.

A good App Development Company is one which can incorporate these do’s and don’ts while using the Geofencing technology for the mobile applications they develop. The rightful use of this technology can make any application a boon for its users and developers.