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App Development with a Social Focus

Apps that integrate social networking to their design, inevitably attract more users and downloads. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Linked In are all examples of popular social networks that your iPhone or Android App can leverage.

Benefits of Social App Development

Social apps extend the app experience for your users to the internet. From the internet this experience extends to the networks of friendship and relationships. Creating your app socially active, embeds an element of “virality” to the design. Applications that go “viral” lead to one person engaging other users to download the app. This leads to large-scale popularisation of the app and hence making it go “viral”.

Social Apps Generate More Revenue

Social apps generate more revenue. One key aspect that makes this possible is the notion of competition. Social apps create a sense of competition between friends. The need to be better than others gets users coming back to the app. Users are more inclined to purchase ‘in-app’ purchases and spend more hours on the app.

The Social Experience can lead the mobile one

Another advantage to creating social apps is that the social experience can lead the mobile experience. It can draw more users to the app. One good example is a deals app. The social networking experience can promote the deals and draw users to the mobile app.

Social Networks help gather feedback

Social apps connect directly to the user on the network. Aspects such as app page, user likes and comments are a great tool to gather feedback about the app. Companies and developers can track the user sentiment for their app and make updates and changes to the design based on the feedback.

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