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Mobile App Development with Push Notifications

push notifications

There are several agencies that do app development in Melbourne. However, it is important to get it right first time! Have you considered including push notifications in your app?

What are push notifications?

Push notifications allow you to reach your users based on pre-determined conditions. You may want to send a notification to a user every time the share price of a stock goes below a set value. Or, you may want to notify them if someone has commented / replied to their posts. Push notifications are an exciting way to reach your customers and attract them back to your business.

Why include push notifications?

App development that includes features such as push are interactive, get users coming back to your app and allow you to send important notifications to your users. These notifications can range from downtime updates for a commercial app to the addition of a new bonus in a users gaming app.

Market directly to your customers

Users that download your application become your customers. With push notifications, you have the ability to market directly to your install base. Send them alerts, updates, notifications, call-to-actions and much more. It’s a no-brainer to include push notifications in your app, yet so many miss it. App development in Melbourne that considers this aspect of app design produce rich and interactive apps.

Get users coming back to your app

Consider an application that once downloaded sits in a users app drawer. In the world of clutter and mess, there is nothing inviting the user back to the app. The app simply sits in a users list of applications.

This is the exact scenario that can be avoided with push notifications. Push notifications invite customers to return back to the app. App development with push notifications remind the customer of the existence of the app in their list of installs. When a need arises for a user to complete a task your app resolves, chances of customer return are very high.

Push Notifications enable “repeat customers” in the mobile space

A good app is one that a user cannot get enough of. App development should include some element of “additivity” to the app design. Push notifications remind users to return to the app as they are going through their day-to-day lives. This allows the developer to make more revenue from the prolonged use of the app and highly increases the chances of the apps success.

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