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Apps for Small Business

If you are a small shop looking to make a big impact for your business, getting an App is the perfect choice. You can capture leads using in-built form submission, book appointments using calender integration and attract more people through the door by sending push notifications. If you chose to get a geo-enabled app, you can send your customers location aware messages. All these features drive your business and bring more revenue.

If you are a retailer of goods or services, you can bring your e-business on the mobile device through an app. Research shows that most peoples have their phones within arms length throughout the day. What better way to have your customers stay connected to your e-commerce store than a mobile app.

Checkout some of our apps for small business and the impact they have made on small business owners. If you think you need an app for your small business, our team at Prime WebTech can design a custom build solution to suit your needs.

Apps for Entrepreneurs

You can realise your ground-breaking app idea into reality without knowing how to code! That’s our job. We develop amazing new apps for entrepreneurs who want to challenge the status quo and bring new ideas into the market. If you have identified a niche in the market, don’t delay until it’s too late! Act now and engage us to develop your breakthrough.

In addition to providing app development services, we also offer our expert insights into making your app successful. Starting from a comprehensive business plan to a strategy for launch, expansion and lifecycle management, we guide you along the way to maximize your chances of success.

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Apps for Enterprise

If you are part of an organization that is looking at doing things “the new way”, you can gain a significant business advantage and stay up to date with the innovation curve by making your processes mobile.

Mobile applications can replace tedious paper work, create simplified workflows and deliver content on the go. For our enterprise customers, we provide a promise of delivering up to a 100% return on investment within the first year. Our enterprise mobile apps deliver immediate business value and help create your digital identity.

We understand the importance of reliability for our enterprise customers. Therefore, we undergo extensive testing and ensure that our software integrates with your business processes smoothly. In addition, all our software comes with three months of free support, making Prime WebTech the go to choice for you next app development project.