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Beacon Enabled Apps for Business

Beacon Enabled Apps

Beacon enabled apps are the future of location aware applications on mobile devices. Common use cases are in asset tracking, people tracking, location aware notifications and user analytics.

What are beacons? 

Beacons are really simple devices. All that they do is repeatedly broadcast an identifier. This identifier helps mark important objects and locations that a recipient device utilises to understand its context.

Beacon Enabled Apps

Apps that are designed to work with beacons ingest this identifier as input and perform relevant actions. On an enterprise scale, this might be used to track movement of assets as they cross one location to the next. While, they can also be used at a coffee shop to notify incoming customers.

What hardware is in use?

Two of the key beacon standardisations are Eddystone by Google and iBeacon by Apple. Beacons can take the form of common objects and can be hidden away from plain sight quite easily. They rely on a small, low power Bluetooth Low Energy module that can be hidden in any kind of plastic mould. The picture below shows an average beacon.

sample beacon

Sample Beacon Hardware


How to get started? 

Our team at Prime WebTech, is well equipped to write apps that take advantage of beacon technology. From industrial to niche use cases, we can help your project get off the ground. Work with our Engineers to make your business stand out from the crowd and stay ahead of the technology curve.

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