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Beacon Enabled Apps for Business

Beacon Enabled Apps

Beacon enabled apps are the future of location aware applications on mobile devices. Common use cases are in asset tracking, people tracking, location aware notifications and user analytics. What are beacons?  Beacons are really simple devices. All that they do is repeatedly broadcast an identifier. This identifier helps mark important objects and locations that a recipient […]

App Development: 5 tips for success

 Map the User Journey Focus on the interface and the service you provide to the user When getting your app developed, you must map out the user journey! There is no point planning a trip from Melbourne to Sydney without knowing what route you will take. Similarly, you app design should be informed of the user journey within […]

Mobile App Development with Push Notifications

push notifications

There are several agencies that do app development in Melbourne. However, it is important to get it right first time! Have you considered including push notifications in your app? What are push notifications? Push notifications allow you to reach your users based on pre-determined conditions. You may want to send a notification to a user every […]